Some of the film production projects, TV shows, commercials & clients we have worked with using our: Drones, Russian Arm, RZR, Shock-mounts, Remote-heads, Cablecams, 360° VR rigs and other awesome toys!

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Russian Arm
Hyundai “The New Tuscon | Grab Adventure”
Chevrolet Canada “All New Chevrolet Blazer”
Citi “More Ways To Earn”
Lexus “Innovate the Future”
Lexus “Innovate the Future BTS”
Hyundai “IONIQ”
Coors “The Journey”
Peugeot “Push the Limits”
Peugeot “308 GTi BTS

Volkswagen “Tiguan – IAA”
Jaguar “XJ”

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Air Canada “Our Home”
Volvo “Get Away Car”
Cycling Canada “Hop On”
Telus Mobility “Power to the Picky”
Trump International Hotel “Twist on Luxury”
Uniqlo “Ultra Light Down”
British Columbia “The Wild Within”
British Columbia “Making of 360 VR”

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Boost “Be Up for It”
Paypal “Birthday”
PayPal “Drone”
Vancouver Aquarium “Reasons to Visit”
GCT “Delta Ports – Intermodal Yard”
Adidas “Run More”
Subway “Chicken”
Land Rover “Discovery The Crossing”

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Revered Cinema specializes in drone cinematography with Alexa Mini & Red Monstro cameras, rain spinners, PL zooms, FIZ, etc for Feature Film, Commercial & TV productions

Since it seems everyone flies a drone, what makes RVRD different?


Experience & Expertise: While most companies buy all of their drones off the internet, we custom build our heavy-lift drones specifically to handle the heaviest of cameras packages. Our flagship Rapture drone can lift up to 80lbs and travel at max speeds of 100km/hr. We have been building heavy-lift drones since 2012, when we were one of the few in the world to fly a RED Epic back in the early days of heavy-lift drones. Since then, we have been continually innovating to stay on the cutting edge of heavy-lift drone technology.

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Drone Q&A - click to open

Why use RVRD’s drone teams:

The FIRST  commercial UAS company in North America to be “ Permitted” w/ Transport Canada & FAA to operate throughout Canada & USA meaning we can operate anywhere at anytime per our permits, other companies can take up to 20-120 days to get permits).
Decades of combined film experience on high-end commercial & feature film productions.
Custom design & build our “Rapture”
UAS/Drones specifically tailored to feature films.
One of the first UAS/Drone operation in the world to be asked to join the IATSE Film Union.
In-house camera equipment for any production (10 Drone systems, Red Weapon, Arri Alex Mini’s w/ EF & PL Motion Mounts, multiple Movis, Preston Fiz, numerous SmallHD Monitors,  Paralinx Tomahawk systems, Generators, Trailer & the list goes on & on.
Partnered up with some of the best manufactures of film & electronic equipment in the world – (Freefly Black Magic, Small HD, Paralinx, Tiger Motors, KDE, Gensace, Dragonlink & more).

So please look around when choosing a vendor for your next production, you will find we are one of, if not “the” highest qualified / most film experienced drone & specialized equipment vendors around!


• Can you use your drones in USA & Canada – Yes we have permits to operate in Canada & USA anywhere at anytime (after we do a risk assessment) + we have additional permissions like: Night Operations, 0-400ft Height, & able to operate with zero prior notice depending on location. Others require an SFOC / 333 permits which can take 20-120 days to obtain w/ restrictions depending on location.


• What makes your drones different – Our UAS/Drones are NOT off the shelve rigs, we custom make/design our UAS/Drones using the best/latest technology possible for the most demanding applications. Our “Raptures” X8’s dihedral design with over/under motor/prop configuration act a mini gyro stabilizers & having high mass/low surface area cuts through wind making it the most stable design period! The design works so well every production comments that its the smoothest drone that have ever worked with!


• How large are the UAS/Drones & are they portable – We have a mobile trailer to be on set within any drive-able location. For air transport, all UAS/Drones are collapsible designed & pack down quite small to travel anywhere in the world. Depending on the shots requirements we can fit everything needed into 1 or 2 pelican cases “well the largest case Pelican makes”.


• Why do you have so many UAS/Drones (10 to be exact) – We have an assortment of drones that are specific for camera payloads & budgets (our large drones are custom/designed manufactured for specific filming environments). Our “Rapture X8” has the most lifting capacity allowed for commercial permits (55lbs) & is our film workhorse, flying a Red or Alexa M, Ultra Primes, Super Speeds & Kowa Anamorphics, HD Downlinks, Preston remote zoom, Movi’s & accessories. We also provide a “Rapture Extended X8E” which is one of a kind & currently has the longest flight times of any “multirotor drone”. Its designed to carry a Flir Thermal camera can achieve 90miutes of flight time. Smaller more budget conscious drones are the Freefly Alta & DJI Inspire


• What equipment can you fly with: We are currently use the Movi gimbals which have a 15lbs payload. We can lift any camera around 5lbs (Red Weapon, Alexa Mini or smaller), any lens under 5lbs (Angénieux zooms, Ultra Primes, Super Speeds & Kowa Anamorphic Lens), Remote FI+Z”, Long range HD Down-link for video village, Freefly Movi M10 or M15 gimbal, etc.


• Is the footage smooth – Smoothest footage possible! We use the Freefly Movi gimbal systems which are unsurpassed & require virtually ZERO post stabilization!


• Do you provide video downlinks for video village – Yes, we provide Paralinx Tomahawk HD Long Range wireless downlinks which can achieve up too 2000ft+ range without dropout with less than 1ms of latency with custom arrays. Client/agency monitors provided via Camera Cart or handheld cages with Paralinx Tomahawk HD “long range” live video feeds which can be daisy chained to as many monitors as needed.


Do you have Remote Wheels (Pan/Tilt) – Yes we have “Wheels” for DP / Camera operators who are used to traditional gimbal wheels rather than thumb or tray remotes.


• How long can we shoot – ALL DAY… we use batteries in dual configurations up to 48,000Mah, & have enough to last any shoot, in bursts of “10-15min with Red or Alexa”, “15-30min with DSLR” & “60-90min with Flir” depending on configuration.


• Any wait between flights – Less than 2-5 minutes to swap out batteries/cards/camera settings/lenses.


• Flight distance & height – Line of sight, usually less than 1000ft horizontal, 0-150ft vertical in urban areas, 0-400ft vertical in rural areas (+400ft height with airspace approval), video feed up to 2000ft.


• How fast is it & can it fly in wind, rain & at elevation – Top speeds are around 65km/40mph depending on conditions – all of the rigs are specify designed to handle winds in around 20+ knots sustained (we have flown up to 30 knots gusting depending on location). We have flown on glaciers at 12,000 elevation & also operate in rain & snow conditions which most will not dare to venture!


• Can we change camera/lenses – YES, with a quick re-balancing which requires a short down time for Movi calibration – usually 2-3mins.


• Is it dangerous – It could be so we take every precaution for safety; years of experience, GPS auto pilot, automated return to home, automated failsafe landing & safety meetings before shooting, lock-offs, etc.


• What if it has a prop or motor failure – Our coaxial rigs all have redundancy meaning if a prop/motor fails it will still fly & return safely – even if two motors fail it will still be under control.


• How many teams do you have – We have multiple teams (pilots, camera operators, safety techs, producer) so we can run various concurrent jobs in USA & Canada.


• Are you insured – Yes we have a 10 million production insurance policy covering liability, property & equipment.

Telescopic Russian Arm

The world famous Filmotechnic Russian Arm is now TELESCOPING!!! This is the only telescoping mobile crane arm around with a length from 13-20ft! It's capable of lifting large camera packages and VFX arrays up to 110lbs and we have multiple Flightheads to suit any camera package requirements.

TELESCOPING RUSSIAN ARM, servicing Western Canada & Northwest U.S.


The newest, most powerful, only telescoping arm of its kind: the Telescoping Russian Arm is a state of the art, high performance telescopic camera crane system with unsurpassed reach from 13-20ft and is capable of lifting huge camera packages with the best “Flighthead” remote heads. The Telescoping arm offers filmmakers new creative opportunities for camera movements once thought impossible and represents a big step forward in camera arm technology. The Telescoping Russian Arm is mounted on our customized BMW X5M with 555hp for unsurpassed performance and comfort.

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Telescoping Russian Arm Specs - click to open

Telescoping Russian Arm

Mounting: BMW X5M w/ 555HP
Stabilization: 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Arm
Boom length: 13~20’
Vertically stabilized head mount
Crane Pan Speed: 360º degrees in 4.5 sec
• Camera Capacity: Max weight 110lbs (50kg)

Flighthead 6:

Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized
Payload Capacity: 121lbs (55kg)
RF Wireless: yes
Pan Axis travels: 360º

Roll Axis travel: 270º w/ auto horizon
Tilt Axis travel: 200º
Temperature range: -40 to 104ºF (4.5ºC to 40ºC)

Click above image to enlarge

Russian Arm OffRoad

The Russian Arm goes Off-Road with our new Toyota Tundra! Modified with long-travel suspension, the Russian Arm Off-Road keeps going when the road ends. Take advantage of the 110lb payload capacity while capturing stable footage on rough roads and trails.

Russian Arm Off-Road | The Latest Addition to The RVRD Family


Not your average truck: Our new Russian Arm Off-Road package takes the tried and true Toyota Tundra 4×4 and takes it to the next level. Modified specifically for film industry punishment, our Tundra has been outfitted with the Total Chaos/KING Long Travel kit, which features legendary KING LT remote reservoir suspension and upgraded Total Chaos uniball control arms. The end result is a beast that sits 3″ higher, 5″ wider and boasts 16″ of travel. This suspension package is built with the same quality and precise tolerances found on KING’s high end race trucks. 

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Russian Arm Off-Road Specs - click to open

Russian Arm Off-Road

Mounting: Toyota Tundra w/ Long Travel Suspension
Stabilization: 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Arm
Boom length: 8’, 14′, or 20′
• Vertically stabilized head mount
Crane Pan Speed: 360º degrees in 4.5 sec
• Camera Capacity: Max weight 110lbs (50kg)

Russian Arm Off-Road Specs

Russian arm mini

The world famous Russian Arm… now mini sized! This is the most compact mobile crane arm used to capture moving vehicles. It weighs only 400lbs so it's movable and remote operated so it can be mounted on any vehicle, in all weather conditions. It is the ONLY TRUE OFF-ROAD ARM AROUND!

RVRD is proud to have the latest Russian Arm Mini with Flighthead Mini 3 in-house!


One of the most versatile camera arms around: The Filmotechnic Russian Arm Mini can be mounted onto ANY CAR with a roof rack! The Russian Arm Mini is so light that it can be shipped easily in its standalone case. Imagine, shooting “car to car” and then able to mount the Russian Arm Mini onto the picture vehicle to capture the car and occupants all via wireless remote control. You can even mount it to an electric car for emissions-free & silent studio work or on our offroad RZR 4X4. The possibilities are endless with the Russian Arm Mini.

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Russian Arm Mini Specs - click to open

Russian Arm Mini

Mounting: Any vehicle (with approved roof rack system)
Stabilization: 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Arm
Boom length: 12’
Lens high range: 11’ above grade

Lens low range: 4’ below grade
Crane Pan Speed:360º degrees in 6 sec
Height Clearance: 6.9’
• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 44lbs (20kg)
Operating Weight of Crane: 309lbs (141kg)

Flighthead Mini 3:

Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized
RF Wireless: yes
Pan Axis travels: 360º

Roll Axis travel: 270º
Tilt Axis travel: 200º
Temperature range: -40 to 104ºF

Click above image to enlarge


RVRD's "RZR 4x4" is THE machine for offroad! It has an insane 168hp turbo engine, custom snow tracks, offroad / onroad tires, shock mounts & can even mount the Russian Arm Mini w/ Flighthead Mini 3 on it to get the most challenging of shots.

The “RZR 4×4” is the most versatile off-road arm & shock mount vehicle – period.


The most rugged off-road filming vehicle: The RZR 4×4 is well equipped to carry up to 4 people comfortably and safely through rough terrain (sand, mud, dirt and even snow with our  snow-track system). It has a turbo 168hp motor w/ 95% torque available from 5000-8000 rpm equaling 114 ft-lbs of peak performance, making it the fastest UTV made to date! It has all the bells and whistles possible; custom roll cage, custom camera mounting options (shock mounts, hard mounts and the amazing Russian Arm Mini) and much more.

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RZR 4x4 Payload Specs - click to open

Russian Arm Mini

Mounting: Any vehicle (with approved roof rack system)
Stabilization: 2-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Arm
Boom length: 12’
Lens high range: 11’ above grade

Lens low range: 4’ below grade
Crane Pan Speed: 360º degrees in 6 sec
Height Clearance: 6.9’
• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 44lbs (20kg)
Operating Weight of Crane: 309lbs (141kg)

Flighthead Mini 3:

Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized
RF Wireless: yes
Pan Axis travels: 360º

Roll Axis travel: 270º
Tilt Axis travel: 200º
Temperature range: -40 to 104ºF

RZR 4×4:

Drive: AWD & 2WD
Top speed (wheels): 70mph
Top speed (snowtracks): 30mph
Displacement: 4 stroke / 925cc
Person Capacity: 5 (3 in back seat bench)

Wheel base: 117in
Length: 146in
Clearance: 14in

Cable Cams

We have in-house "horizontal & vertical" cable cams... yes we said vertical cable cams, which open up a new dimension to a traditional system. The "Sea To Sky Cam" is a single axis, point to point cable cam that can carry a 200lbs payload at speeds up to 55 mph, over a 2,000+ foot span.

RVRD has partnered with “Sea to Sky Cable Cam” to bring this amazing gear in-house.


We have 3 flavors of the “Sea to Sky Cable Cam”… Horizontal, Vertical and Mini to suit any production or terrain in any direction.


Our “Horizontal Cable Cam” motor system is very quiet: Making it perfect for indoor or outdoor venues where silence is critical and providing reliably and safely to the most demanding live broadcast, TV and features. The “Sea to Sky Cable Cam” is unique in the world due to its operation via 100% battery power – 3 phase power is NOT required, enabling the system to be portable and affordable but still offer 20 HP of continuous pull power! Light enough to travel as operators excess baggage, fast enough to set up in one day.

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Cable Cam Specs - click to open

Horizontal Cable Cam

Payload: Up to 250 lbs: Flighthead Mini, 5, 6 XL, XXL, Movi
Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Arm
Speed: Maximum 55 mph, Minimum 0.25 ft
Distance: 2000+ feet

Slope: 30 degrees
Power: Batteries (no 3 phase required)
Set up time: 1 day setup, typically a few hours tear down

Vertical Cable Cam

Payload: Up to 250 lbs: Flighthead Mini, 5, 6 XL, XXL, Movi
Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Arm
Speed: Maximum 35 mph, Minimum 0.25 ft/sec
Distance: 500+ feet
Slope: Vertical / Steep Slopes
Power: Batteries (no 3 phase required)
Set up time: 1 day setup, typically a few hours tear down

Mini Cable Cam

Payload: Up to 75 lbs: Flighthead Mini, Movi
Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Arm
• Speed: Maximum 35 mph, Minimum 0.75 ft/sec
• Distance: 2000+ feet
• Slope: 30 degrees
• Power: On-board batteries
• Set up time: 1 hour setup, few minutes tear down

Remote Heads

We have many in-house MOVI PRO, MOVI XL & RONIN 2 gimbals that we used handheld, shock mounted & on drones. We also offer the renowned FILMOTECHNIC "Flighthead Mini 3, 5, XL, XXL for heavy camera packages.

If you need a remote head, we have you covered: handheld, velocity & studio work.


First up is the “Freefly Movi” which revolutionized cinematography: the Movi is an amazing and versatile gimbal for 15lbs payload and we have a bunch of them (10 to be exact!). They can be used handheld, on drones bottom or top mounted, rigged to vehicles, decelerators rigs, over & under slug, used with Easy Rigs, attached to shock-mounts, inside tight spaces like cars, even to get those illusive “oners”… the possibilities are endless.

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Various Remote Head Specs - click to open

Freefly Movi

Mounting: Anything
Stabilization: Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized

• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 15lbs
Weight: 5lbs
Operating Speed: Up to 60mph

Flighthead Mini 3:

Mounting: Anything that has the mount of can be rigged
Stabilization: Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized

• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 30lbs
Weight: 21lbs
Operating Speed: Up to 80mph


Flighthead 6:

Mounting: Anything that has the mount of can be rigged
Stabilization: Digital 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized

• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 88lbs
Weight: 50lbs
Operating Speed: Up to 100mph


Flighthead XL:

Mounting: Anything that has the mount of can be rigged
Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized

• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 100lbs
Weight: 66lbs


Flighthead XXL:

Mounting: Anything that has the mount of can be rigged
Stabilization: 3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized

• Payload Capacity: Camera weight 130lbs
Weight: 70lbs

Click above images to enlarge

H2O EV Boat

The all new H2O EV Boat! This electric and emissions-free boat is a great new water-based filming solution for capturing shots previously overlooked.

Introducing the H2O EV Boat, an all new water-based filming solution.


Remote Piloted: The H2O is a remotely piloted, emissions-free, electric boat. Internally, we call it the S.S. Pusheck, named after DOP Cynthia Pusheck who we originally designed it for. This watercraft is completely remote operated which means it doesn’t require any personnel on the boat or in the water, making it an extremely versatile and safe option to minimize risk on closed sets.


Payload Capacity of 400lb+: The H2O can comfortably handle payloads north of 400lbs. The dual pontoon design creates a wide stance and when coupled with a stabilized head and shock mount, it makes for perfectly smooth shots. It also allows the H2O to handle inclement water conditions, ensuring your production gets the shot.

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H2O EV Specs - click to open


Payload Capacity: up to 400lbs
Ideal for camera/lighting packages, special effects Hessey Smokers
Mobile take off and landing pad for RPAS


Top speed of 10.8 knots or 20km/hr
Turning radius: 12 feet
Camera FOV: 360°
Camera height: 6in* to 6ft (*in calm conditions)
• Tethered or untethered


Thrust: 960 watt 24V DC motor delivering 85lbs of thrust
Runtime: 4+ hours on a single set of batteries
Uses 2x 22,000mAh batteries in parallel


Total weight of craft: 200lbs
Made entirely from marine grade 6061 aluminium

Wide stance and low profile provides excellent stability on water

Highlite LED

Have a tough scene you need to light in a remote or difficult location? Introducing RVRD's HIGHLITE LED for drones, cables cams, vehicles, etc. The game changing HIGHLITE is capable of outputting 126,000 lumens (equivalent to a 9,000 watt HMI light) in a small package weighing 8lbs (15lbs w/ gimbal).

Introducing our HIGHLITE specialty lighting systems.


HIGHLITE is a custom LED light system: Designed in-house at RVRD for aerial lighting projects, capable of a BLINDING 126,000 lumens (9,000-watt equivalent), which mounts to our drone gimbals. The HIGHLITE has the ability to pan 360 degrees and tilt over 180 degrees and is operated via a wireless HD witness camera which offers the operator the ability to follow absolutely anything.


Multiple options available: The HIGHLITE can be converted to a specific color temperature, multiple brightness adjustments (from 14,000 lumens all the way up to 126,000 lumens), and is available in two configurations – Spotlight Mode (15º) or Flood Mode (60º). If you require even more light on your scene, the drone is then outfitted with the HIGHLITE “BRIGHT” system for an INSANE 238,000 lumens of light output, which is equivalent to 17x 1,000-watt lights… close to a 20KW HMI Fresnel equivalent flying into any position you need to light!

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HIGHLITE specs - click to open

Key Features

 9,000 watt equivalent = 126,000 lumens
 Lightweight = 15lbs including remote head
 Mounting on anything (drone, cable-cam, vehicles, lifts, under or top mounting, etc)
 Beam spread = Spotlight Mode (15º) to Flood Mode (60º)
 Operating time = 10min (enough batteries supplied to run hours)
3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Gimbal (360 pan and 180 tilt)

Stabilized 360° VR

The future of content creation is here w/ RVRD's custom 360° VR gimbal which has everything your client wants + much more... 360° VR, Stereoscopic, Live Stitching, Client Monitoring, Live Youtube or Facebook Streaming, perfectly stabilized video & its remote operated.

The next evolution of filming… 360° VR w/ Live Stitching, Client Monitoring & Streaming!


360° VR attached to any rig and in any environment: This is the most flexible 360º VR capture, monitoring and streaming solution around… oh and it’s fully stabilized! Attach it to a drone, flip it over and mount it to a car, throw it into our backpack rig, hook it to a cable camera, mount it to a helmet, you name it and it mounts to it!

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360° VR Specs - click to open

Key Features

Live Stitching (real-time proxy stitching before processing)
Live Client Monitoring (via two iPad Pro 12″)
Live Broadcasting (up too 600ft)
Live Streaming (YouTube or Facebook)
3-Axis Gyro-Stabilized Gimbal
6 to 12 GoPro Hero cameras
6k to 8k final resolution (depending on cameras used and resolution)

Remote operator (independent control of forward facing camera
Mounting on anything (drone, cable-cam, vehicles, helmets, under or top mounting)

Other Services

Besides the services above, we also offer traditional cinematography services like directing, dp'ing, vfx, stills, hanging out of helicopters, training & consulting to various film related industries.



Our team is multi-talented so we offer directing and / or dp’ing services to productions since we know how to use our equipment better than anyone.


We have an in-house VFX director with a decade of on-set experience to assist in your projects or to consult prior to shooting.



Most of our crew started out as professional photographers in the action sports industry with decades of location & studio experience.


We are adrenaline junkies: ex-professional snowboarders, snowmobilers, mtn climbers, surfers, etc. We have you covered for extreme filming.


drone instruction training seminarsTRAINING SEMINARS

We teach UAS operations, safety, regulations and engineering to a wide range of industries looking to use unmanned technologies.


uav-drone-ua-consultingPROFESSIONAL ADVICE

We are experts in unmanned aerial technology, innovation and implementation. We assist businesses worldwide with their UA ventures.


We have an amazing amount of specialized camera equipment to suit any production from feature film to budget conscious documentaries. We have multiple backups of all our gear to insure your production runs perfectly. RVRD is a film production "toy store" for all your specialized camera gear...


“THE HEAVY LIFT DRONE” for feature film & commercial work, the RVRD “Rapture X8” is the fastest, heaviest lifting & longest flight time drone guaranteed! Capable of lifting a Alexa/Red camera package with Angenieux Optimo lenses, Preston Fiz at speeds up to 104km/h & up to 20min flight times! The Rapture can operate in any condition: rain, snow, elevation & cold.


Freefly ALTA 8 is a “MEDIUM LIFT DRONE” for light weight camera packages w/ a max take off weight of 40lbs @ sea level, max speed of 65km/h & max flight time of 10min. The Alta is an internet purchased drone which is especially good for hard to get locations due to its foldable design. Note: the Freefly Alta is 1/2 the performance of the Rapture Drone.


The DJI Inspire 2 is an amazing little drone that accelerates up to its max speed of 58 mph in seconds, with up to 25 minutes of flight times. This little guy is great for tight locations or high risk situations, plus it has interchangeable lenses & shoots 6k RAW or ProRes.


The newest Russian Arm from Filmotechnic, now with telescopic capabilities to capture the hardest shots with ease. 13-20 foot lengths and is mounted on our customized BMW X5M w/ 555hp of unsurpassed performance & comfort. The Filmotechnic Telescopic Russian Arm beats every other arm made.

Russian Arm Offroad - Toyota Tundra - Filmotechnic - Camera Arm

The Russian Arm Off-Road is available at 8′, 14′ & 20′ lengths & is mounted on our customized long travel Tundra truck for performance, reliability & comfort. The Filmotechnic Russian Arm beats any other arm out there.


THE machine for off road and snow! With a 168hp turbo engine, custom snow tracks, off-road / on-road tires & Russian Arm Mini with Flighthead Mini 3 on it you can take it anywhere. This is a true off road arm vehicle, not a 4×4 truck outfitted with an arm.


The H2O is a remote piloted, electric double pontoon boat designed for carrying heavy camera payloads, lighting solutions and special effect rigs. It features a 400lb+ payload capacity and can operate quietly at 10.8 knots (20km/hr). Designed to offer excellent stability in inclement weather, allowing shots previously overlooked.



Horizontal & Vertical cable cameras for additional creativity. Our cable camera systems can carry up to 200lbs payload at speeds up to 55 mph along a 2,000ft span.


If you need a compact chase system, then we have just the thing. The EVB is capable of taking on rough terrain up to 60km or indoors for emission free operations w/ a Movi Pro package.


When you want to get low! Mount a Movi Pro camera system on our fleet of 1/5th scale chassis. These fast & powerful vehicles are able to move an Alexa/Red package up to 40km/h.


This is our “digital dolly” which goes on/off road up to 20MPH! Features redesigned motor that provides even smoother, faster riding, more torque at all speeds, better hill-climbing and higher top speeds.


The all new Alexa Mini LF that features the Alexa Large Format sensor now in the sleek Alexa Mini body. It is capable of Netflix compliant 4.5K ARRIRAW. This large format camera utilizes the LPL mount and provides 14+ stops of DR and can record up to 90fps.

alexa min drone, uav, red weapon

We have multiple compact and lightweight ARRI ALEXA Minis. The ALEXA Mini perfectly complements the entire ALEXA line of cameras, eliminating the complications of working with third-party cameras for specialized shots and keeping everything within a single system that is trusted all over the world.


RED’s premier sensor provides cinematic Full Frame lens coverage and delivers 17+ stops of dynamic range (35.4 Megapixel CMOS Sensor / 40.96 mm x 21.60 mm (Diag: 46.31 mm).


The RED Helium 8K delivers stunning resolution and image quality, creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. At 35 Megapixels, 8K offers 17x more resolution than HD—and over 4x more than 4K.


Featuring Dual Sensitivity Modes, GEMINI is RED’s highest-sensitivity sensor to date and delivers exceptional low-light performance allowing for cleaner imagery with less noise and better shadow detail. In addition, the sensor’s 30.72 mm x 18 mm dimensions allow for greater anamorphic lens coverage than with the HELIUM.


The Angénieux Type EZ is a unique S35 & Full Frame zoom lens, which can be converted to cover various focal lengths. EZ-1 covers  S35: 30-90 / FF: 45-135 and the EZ-2 covers S35 :15-40 / FF: 22-60mm.


We have 3x Angenieux Optimo lightweight hand-held zoom lenses – including the 15-40mm, 28-76mm, and 45-120mm – provide superb balance between quality and agility.


2x full kits of Ultra Prime lenses (16, 20, 24, 32, 40, 50, 65, 85, 100mm). The Ultra Prime lenses are lightweight standard speed lenses that are a perfect optical match to the high speed Master Prime lenses.


Century Optics 17-35 & Red 17-50 T2.9 are great light weight zoom lenses. Then there is the very rare NAC/KOWA Anamorphic 40mm T2.1, its not just the lightest anamorphic around but DP’s love the low contrast, warm color and gorgeous flares.


The S35xFF Expander scales the Super-35 image up to 46.4 mm, covering full-frame format (ø 43.5 mm) and even the RED Dragon 8K format (46.3mm). Designed to ensure minimum light fall off & maximum image performance for larger sensors.


Best in class 5.7k 360 camera with FlowState stabilization, slowmotion, TimeShift, HDR, Wi-Fi transfer and preview. We have the drifter attachment to capture the most unique shots.


The DJI Master Wheels system is a professional controller system with high precision sensors, advanced control algorithms and state of the art product design. The Master Wheels system boasts a wireless range of 3km and wired latency as low as 10ms.


The Preston FI+Z (focus, iris, zoom) systems consists of the Hand Unit, Motor Driver, Digital Motors, cables, motor mounting bracket and available with light weight Heden M26VE motors for drone use.


The Preston FI+Z (focus, iris, zoom) systems consists of the Hand Unit, Motor Driver, Digital Motors, cables, motor mounting bracket and available with light weight Heden M26VE motors for drone use.


The Preston Single Channel wireless focus device allows for wireless focus pulling. We also have light weight Heden M26VE motors which are used on our heavylift Rapture drones.


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