alexa min drone, uav, red weaponALEXAMINI.

We have two compact, lightweight & self-contained “ARRI ALEXA Minis. The ALEXA Mini perfectly complements the entire ALEXA line of cameras, eliminating the complications of working with third-party cameras for specialized shots and keeping everything within a single system that is trusted all over the world.




Both our RED WEAPON “Helium” 8K’s deliver stunning resolution and image quality—creating clean and organic images that bring your footage to life. RED has taken the next step in exceeding the flexibility and beauty offered by film. At 35 Megapixels, 8K offers 17x more resolution than HD—and over 4x more than 4K.




We have more “in-house” Freefly MōVI remote heads/gimbals than most rental houses do…12 to be exact! We carry  MōVI PROs that carry 15lbs up to 18m/sec which can be mounted on virtually anything (Red Weapon / Alexa Mini, Zoom Lens and Preston Fiz).



RVRD Movi XL, Stabilized, Handheld, Drone

We have two MōVI XL’s designed to deliver the familiar benefits of the MōVI Pro stabilization systems but now can fit large cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA 65. The MōVI XL is designed to mount in underslung or overslung mode without changing anything by flipping the roll axis over and mounting it to anything you want.


Our Zeiss Ultra Prime kits include 16mm, 20mm, 24mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm lenses. Ultra Prime lenses are lightweight standard speed lenses that are a perfect optical match to the high speed ARRI / ZEISS Master Prime lenses.


Century Optics 17-35 & Red 17-50 T2.9 are great light weight zoom lenses. Then there is the very rare NAC/KOWA Anamorphic 40mm T2.1, its not just the lightest anamorphic around but DP’s love the low contrast, warm color and gorgeous flares.

drone tomahawk dragon

We have multiple Paralinx TOMAHAWK systems, these are hands-down the best HD Video Transmission systems made, offering Real Time Wireless HD with unprecedented range for your Television, Film, Broadcast, Industrial or UAV/UAS application. The Paralinx Tomahawk has an uncompressed video range of over 2000 feet with the array units.

preston fiz, zi+z, drone dragon, weapon, alexaPRESTONFI+Z.

The Preston FI+Z (focus, iris, zoom) and Single Channel systems control various lens and camera functions. The system is modular, giving the us a wide range of choices from a basic cable connected system to a full wireless  system. The Systems consists of the Hand Unit, Motor Driver, Digital Motors, optional Microwave Link, cables and motor mounting bracket. We also have light weight Heden M26VE motors which are used on our heavylift Rapture drones.



The HME DX100 system delivers crystal-clear, two-way communications in a compact, portable base station for up to 15 simultaneous wireless users. Hands-free mode allows maximum flexibility and a secure channel ensures that private conversations stay private. The portable, compact design makes the DX100 “the” system for field operations. applications.


We have a plethora of SmallHD monitors in our rental arsenal including multiple AC7-LED, AC7-OLED, DP7-PRO OLED, DP7-PRO HB’s and 17″ Studio Monitors. They are offered as stand alone or with cages for handheld client monitoring + come with all the accessories needed.

Rapture Drone, RVRD Movi M10 M15, Drone Red Weapon, Red Dragon, Arri Alexa, Alexa Mini, PL UAVRVRDRAPTURE.

“THE DRONE” for feature film & commercial work; RVRD’s own Rapture Drone is THE heavy-lift workhorse! 152lbs of thrust, 40mph/65kmh top speed with vertical acceleration of 6msec/20ftsec – our drone is what you’ve been wanting in an aerial camera platform. Unlike our competitors who might have 1 “off the shelf” backup drone, we have 6 Raptures available to be fully kit’ed with Red Helium / Arri Alexa Mini, Ultra Primes, FI+Z, Tomahawk & Movi’s to take your production to new heights.



The next drones in our lineup are the Freefly ALTA 8’s which are our medium lift “travel” drones that are powerful, rigid, adaptable, reliable, and optimized for up to fifteen-pound payloads with our Movi Pro gimbals. These units are guided by Freefly’s state-of-the-art Synapse flight controller and like our Rapture Drones, can top mount a camera for unique perspectives and we have multiple backups of all our drones.



We use the DJI Inspire 2 for budget conscious productions where getting the shot is more important than the camera used. Don’t get us wrong, its very capable… sporting a 3-axis gimbal, Micro 4:3 sensor,  24~90mm lens, can capture 5.2K 24fps/30fps video & 21MP stills. This little drone for great for tight areas like forest or indoors since its small & has sonar position hold. We use it in higher risk situations so not to jeopardize our more expensive packages… its our version of a crash cam.



We have tons of film accessories as well; camera carts (covered & non-covered), Honda 2K generators, 100’s of feet of SDI cables & extension cords, weather bags, Oasis 10×10 tents, 14″ trailers & more. With all the above gear, we have your production covered… so you don’t have to! vancouver drone rental russian arm alexa mini red weapon

On July 30, 2013

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About Revered “Cinama”…

RVRD “pro·nounced RE∙VER∙ED” is North America’s premier specialized cinema vendor and we take pride in giving our clients the highest quality of service, using the latest technical gear to get those difficult shots we all aspire to achieve.

We provide a wide range of specialty gear and skill sets to various industries like Feature Film, TV Series, Commercial productions as well gear rentals, industrial services and sales. Our offerings include but not limited to drone, russian arm, rzr 4×4, cablecams, cameras, etc – you name it we have it + have 3x teams in Vancouver, 1x team in Toronto and 1x team in Los Angeles making us able to operate throughout North America.

We are the West Coast Canadian & North West U.S. (BC, AB, SK, MB, YT, NT & WA, OR, ID, MO, WY). suppliers of the world renown Filmotechnic Russian Arm and Flighthead remote heads. Carry a 10million liability policy, have drone permits to operate anywhere in North America since 2015 when we became the 1st and only drone operation with both U.S. and Canadian permits, we have special use permits to operate in restricted airspace like Niagara Falls and downtown locations, awesome camera vehicles, tons of in-house gear and an amazing crew of a twelve who take pride in their craft. Since we have worked at the highest of caliber on some of the largest productions around, we think of ourselves as not only an equipment provider but more of a problem-solving team for your all production needs.

We have taken our years of Feature Film production experience and translated the skills learned to provide efficient and cost effective services for industrial clients. The advent of aerial drones for remote surveys have lowered data collection costs, increased productivity and all while leaving the human element out of high-risk areas.

Please browse the site and you will see what we have achieved and continue to strive for… so when you are looking for a vendor to shoot your production, choose Revered Cinema – your “one stop shop” of some of the most experienced & knowledgeable professionals around.